Meet The Team: Victoria Palmer & Alana Snow

commonwealth games May 03, 2022

In the run up to the Commonwealth Games this year, we want to shine a spotlight on the teams hoping to qualify.

We had a chat with DeepDish's Alana Snow and Victoria Palmer. These fantastic ladies have been smashing the beach volleyball scene over the past year. They're some of the top players in the UK right now.

Victoria Palmer

Fact file

Position & Side: Blocker & Left side

Height: 5’10”

Date of Birth: 24/06/1986

Hometown: Poole, UK

Tell us a bit about yourself!

Well, I was born and bred in Poole. I love living by the beach, and my family are everything to me. I was lucky enough to go to Bath University and get the chance to play for both Indoor and Beach GB National teams. I then played professional Indoor in Belgium for 2 years.

I have now worked for Dorset Police for the last 6 years, who have allowed me to train, alongside a career. And some of my favourite things in the world are handbags, chocolate, and power ballads.

When and how did you get into beach volleyball?

I started indoor volleyball at the age of 13 for my local club Wessex, where we would occasionally play beach in the summer for fun. But when I went to university, I took it up more seriously and I started training with the GB National team (age 19).

Do you have any pre-game habits/rituals?

Before games I like to take a bit of time to myself to focus in and calm any nerves I have. Pre-game I like to do my hair and put my "game face". This relaxes me, gets me ready for any big matches #feelgood #playgood.

Of all the events you've played, is there a match or tournament that stands out in your mind? Why?

First match of the Commonwealth Games in 2018. As it was the first major games that I had ever played. My then partner Jess, and I were competing in front of a crowd of 8-thousand people. I still to this day remember the nerves, the excitement, and the overall pride to be able to play such an event.

Outside of beach volleyball, what do you do in your free time?

I like to spend it with my family, especially with my three young nieces and nephew. I love all sports and being outside. Recently I have gotten into sea swimming in the winter. I know it sounds mad to swim then, but I feel it really helps my body reset and quiets my mind. And one of my most favourite vices is online shopping.

Is there a coach or athlete that you look up to and why?

As a young athlete, I always looked up to Misty May-Treanor, not just because she was one of the best players in the world but because I found her really relatable. Growing up and watching her play, she acted as a model for me; we were of similar build and that was empowering for me. She made me feel, "If she can do it, why can't I?"

Another young pair I really idolised while growing up was Maria Salgado and her sister Carol Solberg, formally known as the Brazilian Princesses. I always aspired to be like them on and off the court.

We are so honoured to be able to call Maria our coach and learn from one of the best in the world.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I find this a bit of a tough one to answer. After the last couple of years this question has seemingly become more difficult. As of right now, I don't have a plan of where I see myself, just that I intend to be happy. I just hope I continue to take all the opportunities that all come my way. Whether that is family, job, or sport, I am open to whatever the future holds for me.

Is there any advice you would give to young players?

Never give up. There have been many times in my career where I have come up against obstacles, countless rejections, and just people telling me that I wasn't good enough. And though difficult to hear, I never listened to them. I continued to pursue my dream as it was a dream for me and not them.

One of my favourite mantras is, "Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard."

I would just tell them to carry that with them, to work for themselves, and trust that your potential is limitless regardless of what others conclude.

Alana Snow


Position & Side: Defender & Right Side

Height: 5’9”

Date of Birth: 14/03/1999

Hometown: Woking, Surrey, UK

Tell us a bit about yourself!

I'm a GB softball player turned beach volleyball lover. I grew up in Surrey and moved away to California around age 11 but come home for at least 3 months a year. I LOVE my family above all else. Some of my favourite things in life are music, fresh cut flowers, a pick-up basketball game, ramen, and travelling.

When and how did you get into beach volleyball?

I started playing indoor volleyball at school when I was 13, and growing up near a coast, beach volleyball was always around. When I went to university, I started playing co-ed all the time, as a way to make friends. It was not until summer 2020 when I was approached by now partner Vicky Palmer that I ever considered pursuing beach in a more serious manner. And I couldn't be more grateful for having my eyes opened to all the life changing experiences this sport supplies.

Do you have any pre-game habits/rituals?

I can really only think of two things I do.

1- Depending on how nervous I am for the event will depend on what type of music I listen to pre-warm up. If I am nervous and I need to centre myself I'll listen to classical or calming acoustic music, but if I need a kick, I'll listen to something upbeat/groovy, something that I'd want to dance to.

2- During the game, every time I need to reset, which happens often due to the nature of beach volleyball. I will look at my "focal point". For me it's an anklet I have on my left foot, and when I look at it, I breathe and remind myself to be confident as I have put in the work, and most of all I feel a flood of warmth because it was my family who gave it to me.

Of all the events you've played, is there a match or tournament that stands out in your mind? Why?

I think I would have to pick last season's CWG funding tournament. Granted Vicky and I didn't win the funding, but it was such a great event. Vicky and I practically had no prep together, so it was a moment to play in a high-level competition with a great pool of athletes, and just put it all out there. We had to play as free, and explosively as we could. We had no idea what to expect from us as a pairing, but what a way to start the beginning of our amazing journey as a team.

Outside of beach volleyball, what do you do in your free time?

I love anything active/anything outdoors. From hiking, dancing, climbing, body surfing, to pretty much any sport with a ball. And I mean any ball, tennis, basketball, softball, even ping-pong.

But you can never beat a nice evening of cooking for friends, a cup of tea, and a stellar series/movie/musical.

Is there a coach or athlete that you look up to and why?

Scott Snow, my brother who has acted both as Coach in my career as well as accomplished athlete I have always aspired to emulate. My brother has always been my superhero for my whole life, he always challenged me to be the best I could be by simply setting the example. He is one of the most driven individuals I’ve ever known. He constantly reminds me to stay centred, to enjoy the everyday journey of sports, to always be grateful for the grind, and to accept the strained relations between the genuine deservedness of being proud of oneself and remaining undoubtedly humble. International calibre runner, rocket scientist, and wholesome human, how could I not look up to him?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

5 years from now? Working as an EMT? Getting a teacher's credential? Pursuing a pro contract? Helping develop youth-sport programmes in the UK? Drinking a G & T on a beach? Life's opportunities are limitless, and I am happy to go along my journey as it comes.

Is there any advice you would give to young players?

I would tell them; Beach volleyball is such a wonderful thing to enjoy. You’ll love it from the first to the last day you play it. I would also say, just play as much as you can, play with anyone, everyone, there is always something to learn with each level you play with. The thing that makes beach volleyball as special as it is, is its rooted in the community, so you should always strive to maintain the inclusiveness it lends itself to.

Oh, and one last thing, life is long, your volleyball journey can be long if you so choose. Don't let anyone sway you from pursuing a level you want to be at, for any reason, but most of all not because of when you started or how old you are. You will learn and be humbled by this sport a thousand times over, but you have the time to get back up and enjoy the growth.

Team Questions

Team factfile:

Coach: Maria Salgado

Club: Wessex volleyball, and DeepDish Volleyball club.

Sponsors: RoKit

Social media handles:

Instagram: @alana_snow @vickypalmer08 @teampalmersnow @rokitofficial

Facebook: @palmersnow2022

Describe your team in three words.

Driven, Passionate, Goofy.

What would you say your team's super strength?

We would say our super strength lies in our power and our energy. We both pride ourselves in our attack, and when we lay into a heavy ball our celebrations are certainly noteworthy.

How long have you been playing together?

This coming June Vicky and I will have been training full-time together for 1 year. Crazy to think how quickly things change in a year!

What would it mean for you both to reach the Commonwealth Games?

For the last year we have been using reaching the Commonwealth Games as a goal-point, we’ve used it to drive our motivation to train, to get stronger, to reach the higher level of international ball, but we know how the challenge that lies ahead. If we were to earn the bid, I think the biggest thrill for us would be getting to play on this calibre of a stage in front of our home nation. Don’t get us wrong, playing any international event where you represent your country is thrilling, but to do it in front of a TEAM ENGLAND crowd. That certainly would be the pinnacle of both of our careers thus far.


The Commonwealth Games Qualifier Tournament will commence on the 26th of May, and we can't wait to see how these talented ladies rock the court.

Check out our learning plans now for all you need to master beach volleyball.

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