BeachEd: The Back Story

BeachEd started with a  conversation. James and Sam were training in Tenerife, and were chatting about how awesome the support team around them were, and how they wished they had access to this when they were learning the game.

Then the penny dropped that, while they couldn't have their time again, they could help others wanting to master beach volleyball. So, in late 2021, they set about putting together all the elements of a professional beach volleyball training programme into affordable monthly subscriptions. Read on to find out how it works...

How BeachEd Works...

Programmes Designed for you

We focus on making sure that all of our programmes are expressly tailored to your level. We have differentiated strength and conditioning programmes,  coaching videos of all different levels, and sports psychology content designed specifically for every level of player. So nothing you get is too easy or too advanced for you.

Pro Support; Everyday Price

What we've done with all our packages is put together all the ingredients a professional programme would have, and then made it accessible for you at everyday prices. We've got focussed training and session plans and coaching tips; professional, expert strength and conditioning plans; brilliant sports psychology support, and excellent video analysis. All packaged in affordable, transparently-priced blocks so you get access to incredible support without paying pro prices.

Meet The Team

James Annells

BeachEd Head Coach and co-founder James Annells made his World Tour debut for England in 2018 before picking up a serious injury and turning his sights on becoming a coach.

Since then, he has worked with many of the UK's top players and has coached players of all levels across Europe.

James' infectious enthusiasm and love for the game comes through in everything he does with BeachEd.

Sam Dunbavin

BeachEd co-founder Sam Dunbavin is one of England's top international players, still playing on the World and European tours.

Sam started playing at 11 years old and coaching when he was 16, and he hasn't stopped since.

He's played beach volleyball on 5 different continents and loves sharing the knowledge he has learned with the people he coaches. Sam's coaching style is thorough and engaging.

Jack Birch

Jack is BeachEd's resident Strength and Conditioning coach. He's got a bit of experience...

Jack has worked with premier league football teams, GB rowing and went to the 2022 Winter Olympics coaching the GB Snowsports team.

Jack has been developing S & C programmes for some of the UK's top junior and senior beach volleyballers over the last couple of years.

Ryan Lark

Ryan, known as Scoob by many, is BeachEd's brilliant sport psychologist.

Scoob has lots of experience in elite sport, having competed at GB level in sprint kayak, which has kitted him out perfectly as a sport psychologist.

Scoob has worked with Olympic and Paralympic athletes to help equip them for the taxing mental needs of their sports. He is approachable, friendly and hugely knowledgeable.

Our Plans

  • Technical and tactical materials to level up your beach game
  • Session plans, coaching videos and tactical seminars.
  • Modules on all major parts of the game: attacking, defending, passing, setting, spiking, blocking, serving.
  • Regular live Q & As with top coaches and players
  • All accessible with one monthly payment, which you can cancel any time.
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  • Wraparound pro-level beach volleyball athlete support
  • Strength and conditioning programme written by an Olympic coach
  • Differentiated strength programmes for those with different levels of gym experience
  • Sports psychology programme running throughout the year with live sessions with a trained sports psychologist.
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  • Video analysis sessions with professional coaches.
  • Held at a time to suit you, watching footage you have chosen.
  • You record and upload the footage, we do the rest.
  • One-to-one sessions and feedback with brilliant BeachEd coaches.
  • A fantastic way to maximise the learning from your tournament and game experiences.
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Our Platinum Package includes all our other products rolled into one monthly subscription:

  • Athlete Essentials: Strength and Conditioning and Sports Psychology programmes delivered by experts
  • Beach Boost: Technical and Tactical materials covering all elements of the game, accessible whenever and wherever you want.
  • Video Analysis: 4 video analysis sessions throughout the year to help you set goals and direct your beach volleyball learning.
  • PLUS one-to-one sessions with a BeachEd coach every 3 months.
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